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12 February 2012 @ 12:07 pm
Lullaby, Prologue  

Title: “Lullaby”

Author: xxCabalinaxx

Rating: PG-13 I guess?

Fandom: X-Men: First Class, X-Men Origins:Wolverine

Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me. I’m just playing around in the Marvel sandbox for a while.

Warnings: Slash, Mpreg, Alpha/Omega dynamics

Summary: Written for a prompt on LJ’s xmen-firstkink. “Erik is an omega. Logan is his alpha. Go!”

Author’s Note: Ok, for the sake of this story, we’re going to pretend that Erik and Charles never met Logan during the recruiting montage. And this starts after the movie. AU-No divorce! Also, this is my first X-Men fic and my first attempt to write something remotely like the Omega-verse, so if things aren’t exactly according to Omega canon, try to give me a little leeway and feel free to make suggestions on what I could do to make things better. 

Author's Note #2: I don't know why I'm starting a new story when I have a bunch of WIP's but this story consumed my brain. I find that I'm oddly ok with that.


“I’m Charles Xavier. This is Alex Summers-”

“Go fuck yourselves.” The man didn’t even look at them. Just stared ahead and puffed on his cigar and sipped his liqueur. 

Alex and Charles shared a look and figured that was it. They couldn’t convince someone to come with them if he wouldn’t even talk to them.

They turned to go back out the door when the man suddenly reached out and grabbed Charles’ arm. Charles stared in mild surprise and reached out with his mind.

‘Him. Smells like Him. What the FUCK. Why does he smell like Him?’

 Charles couldn’t get a full read on the mutants mind without digging deeper and that went against a lot of the moral mental codes that Charles lived by. “Excuse me?”

The mutant, ‘Logan’, Charles’ brain supplied, hadn’t let go of Charles arm, but still hadn’t said anything out loud. Charles raised an eyebrow. “Would you like to talk now.”

The man looked skeptical, and for that matter, so did Alex who was giving Charles very clear, ‘What the hell is going on?’ vibes, but Charles ignored the younger man and stayed focused on Logan.

Logan dropped his arm and glanced around the bar. “Not here.”

He drained his glass and held the cigar between his teeth. He stood and pulled a few bills from his wallet and dropped them on the bar and promptly exited the building, clearly expecting Charles and Alex to follow. Charles looked over at Alex, who shrugged helplessly at him, and they went out the door after Logan.

They walked in line with Logan down the street to a shitty motel that was a few blocks from the bar. Logan went straight to a room at the end of the row and unlocked the door, gesturing them inside.

The room was dimly lit, quality lighting, and while it wasn’t dirty per se, it was not a place that Charles would pick for himself.

Logan settled into a chair by the window, legs stretched out in front of him. He tapped the butt of the cigar on a glass ashtray and inhaled deeply.

Alex hesitantly sat on the bed. Charles chose to stay standing, hands in his pockets. He did his best to appear at ease, but he was desperately wishing that Erik was here with him instead of Alex. Not that Alex wouldn’t be useful if things went south. His battle skills and control over his mutation had greatly increased since they’d pulled him from solitary confinement, and even more so since Cuba, but this situation was definitely more Erik’s style than Charles’.

Damn Charles and his logical thinking that someone should stay behind at the mansion with the children.

It was slow going, but after returning home from Cuba, plans to transform the mansion in Westchester from an almost empty museum of a building into a school and sanctuary for mutants were underway. And to run a school, you needed people.

In between many heated debates and arguments and training sessions, Erik and Charles had once again gone on the road with the list of coordinates from Cerebro. This time around though, they weren’t looking for people to help them fight. They were looking for anyone who could be of use to the school: students, teachers, staff, anyone.

And since Charles had stayed behind while Erik had gone to recruit the previous mutant on their list, it was Erik who stayed behind this time.

Charles was regretting that logic, but stared Logan square in the eye. Best to keep his cards close. “Why did you change your mind?”

Logan shifted. His distrust was obvious and it took him a moment to reply. “You smell like someone I know. And I want to know why.”

Charles brushed against Logan’s mind again, this time gently digging a little deeper. Bits and pieces of Logan’s memories flashed across Charles’ vision.

Heat. Overwhelming heat and need and desire and want and nails raking across his skin. Lithe arms and legs wrapped around him. Bright eyes staring up at him. Moremoremore yesyesyes minemineMINE alwaysmine.

His chest pressed closely to his mate’s back, arms around his waist, gentle hands cupped around his mates belly.

Standing outside, early morning light coming just up over the horizon in the Canadian wilderness. Cool air that doesn’t feel so cool anymore as He comes out and tucks under his arm, a gentle kiss in greeting.

Little feet pounding across the ground, rushing to meet him as he steps out of the truck. Swinging her up into his arms and tossing her into the air. Girlish squealing as blue eyes and love wait for him at the door.

Charles broke contact with Logan’s mind with a snap and his jaw dropped. “Oh my god. It’s-” He swallowed dryly. “It’s Erik. You know Erik.”

Logan stood up slowly. He wondered how this man, this Charles Xavier, knew what he’d been thinking, but stranger things had happen and he kept his cool. “Yes.”

“How do you know Erik?” Charles and Erik had spent a significant amount of time together, talking about a multitude of subjects, including Erik’s past. But, he had never mentioned anyone named Logan, or anything that Charles had seen in Logan’s mind.

Logan puffed on his cigar and turned to look out the window. “He’s my omega.”

And suddenly, so many things made sense.

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