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03 March 2011 @ 07:32 pm
coming home, chapter one  
Title: Coming Home
Author: xxCabalinaxx
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: slash, mpreg,
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters do not belong to me.
Main Paring: Sirius/Draco
Summary: AU after 5th year (ie Sirius never died). When Draco Malfoy is to be involved in Voldemorts latest plan, he fears for his life and the only one he can turn to for help is Sirius Black.
Author’s Note: Just like with Something Worth Fighting For, I've created a site with images of the horses and whatever other things come up that I think are better with visual aides. The link can be found HERE




It happened a week after returning home from Hogwarts. Sunday evening, a few hours after finishing dinner, Minerva was sitting in the library with her husband, Aiden. He was sitting at the large ornate desk that was the focal point of the room going over paperwork. She sat not far from him on the settee across from him. She was almost ready to retire and head up to bed when one of the house elves popped into the room. “‘Scuse me, Mistress, Professor Dumblydore is being in the entry.”

Minerva and Aiden shared a worried look before both of them hurried down to the receiving room. Indeed, Albus Dumbledore was standing in their entry. “Albus, what are you doing here so late?”

The headmaster’s blue eyes were worried and knowing the man so well for so many years, that concerned Minerva greatly. “I am deeply sorry Minerva, but I have received some troubling news and have called an emergency Order meeting.”

Taking a deep breath Minerva nodded. “Give us a moments and we will be there immediately.” She turned to go back upstairs but Albus’ words halted her.

“The meeting cannot be at Grimmauld. There is going to be an unexpected attendee, and I do not want to give him access to the house.”

“Then where is the meeting going to be, Albus?” Aiden asked.

“I was hoping you would allow us to have it here.”

The McGonagalls were speechless for a moment. “Albus,” Minerva said slowly, “if you do not trust this person enough to bring them to Grimmauld, then why on earth would you want to bring them here?”

“Severus suggested it.”

Minerva’s heart stopped. There was only one reason why Severus would say to have the meeting at Tabby Manor. Draco. “I’ll go prepare for everyone’s arrival. Aiden, will you stay here with Albus to greet everyone?”

Aiden nodded and clasped his wife’s hands in his own. “Of course.” In a softer tone he added, “Everything will be fine, Minnie.”

Minerva nodded, but she couldn’t bring herself to voice a reply.


Within five minutes Minerva, with the help of the house elves, had the informal dining room, located just down the hall from the kitchen, prepared to accommodate their unexpected guests. There were pitchers of water on the table with a few plates of food for people to snack on. Water for tea was heating up in the kitchen and in case of emergency, she had brought a few vials of calming and healing potions from the store room. You never knew what was going to happen at an emergency meeting.

The first one to enter into the room was Sirius Black. A free man for over two years since Pettigrew was captured during that debacle at the Department of Mysteries, gone was the gaunt and ill looking being that escaped from Azkaban, and in his place was a man that more resembled the handsome hellion she’d known years before. Always one of the tallest in the tallest in the room, Sirius had gained back the weight and muscle that he’d lost in prison and it made him a formidable foe. He came over and kissed Minerva’s cheek in greeting, giving her a warm smile. Sirius didn’t say anything since the rest of the emergency group was filtering in, but he did move to stand behind her chair, and the gesture made Minerva feel somewhat better. It was good to have one of her cubs with her; made her feel just a tad more at ease.

Albus appeared in the room, leading the group in. Emergency meetings were always smaller and involved only the select, more key members of the Order. Molly and Arthur Weasley sat in chairs to Minerva’s left, Molly muttering things to her husband under her breath. The plump woman was clearly worried and Arthur was trying to placate her. Tonks and Remus were next. And Sirius couldn’t help but note that Remus was hovering over Tonks, a fact that Sirius still found a bit bizarre. When the relationship between the two became public knowledge, the primary reaction was shock. They probably would have kept mum about the whole affair except Tonks had been seriously injured during a mission a few months ago, and Remus had completely lost his cool, alerting everyone else to the fact that the relationship between the two was deeper than anyone had believed. Kingsley Shacklebolt and Mad-Eye Moody said nothing as they entered, but Moody’s magical eye was moving around wildly. Bill and Charlie Weasley entered and took the last seats.

Aiden was the last to come into the room, Severus at his side. Both of them stayed by the door and Minerva’s gaze locked on Severus. He was standing more stiffly than usual and she could tell his focus was elsewhere. His dark eyes met hers and she nodded. Minerva stifled a gasp. The only indication of her distress was the whitening of her hands as she balled them into fists on her lap.

Over her shoulder, Sirius noticed the small movement and glanced sideways down at his former professor. His curiosity piqued, the animagus stayed silent. Things were different now that he’d been cleared and was no longer confined to that blasted house. Now that he could come and go and do almost whatever he pleased, his temper had evened out and he’d regained the control he’d had over himself when he was younger. Being able to be more involved with the Order had reawakened all of the old skills he’d developed during the shirt time he was an Auror. Having a life to live and things to focus on had helped him become the man that he’d always known he could be away from his family’s influence.

“Thank you, everyone, for coming so last minute to this meeting, and thank you, Minerva and Aiden for allowing us to be here in your home.” Albus gestured to the couple. Aiden nodded with a smile, but Minerva was motionless, staring ahead at Albus, waiting for him to get to the point.

“Now, I have just recently learned that Voldemort has come up with a new plan to gain more power, possibly enough power so that he would be indestructible.” The headmaster’s tone was grave, something that most of those present had never heard before.

Minerva knew this information had come through Severus and she tried to catch his eye, but no luck. “What is it, Albus?”

“I do not know.”

“What do you mean, ‘you do not know’?” Minerva asked. “How can you come and tell us that he has a plan, but we don’t know what it is. What is the purpose in that? How can we prepare for something we have no knowledge of?” She was momentarily proud that she kept the anxiousness out of her voice. What did Draco have to do with this?

Severus finally stepped forward. “The Dark Lord has found something in one of the old texts that reside in the library of Malfoy Manor. I believe many of those texts are also found in the Black library.”

Remus nodded along. “We could start doing some research. Write down anything that could be useful and use process of elimination as Severus brings us more information.”

It was agreed upon that starting the following day, they would start an extensive search of the library. More ideas would have been set except Albus interrupted them with other news. “The other reason why this meeting was called, and why we could not meet at our usual place, was because we have been asked to grant asylum.”

And Draco Malfoy stepped into the room.

A minor verbal explosion went off.

“He’s a Malfoy!”

“He’s a death eater!”

“He can’t be trusted!”

Minerva closed her eyes and tried to block out all of the typical responses and reasons why they could not help Draco Malfoy. The boy stayed silent and stared at all of them with a blank face, giving them nothing to go on.

“I know this is a bit of a shock, but we cannot just dismiss the boy.” Albus started. “He would not have come to us for help unless it was justly needed. He could prove to be of value to us in the long run.”

And now the major verbal explosion. Minerva could not resist getting into the thick of things and doing her best to defend her adopted child without letting her personal feelings show.

For once, Sirius was the one who stayed quiet while everyone put their two cents in. The volume of their voices grew until finally you could barely decipher one person from another and Sirius took the chance to watch Draco.

Even though he had left that world as soon as possible, Sirius knew the inner workings of the old pureblood society and it’s mannerisms. From Draco’s actions and because of the fact that he hadn’t said a word in his own defense, Sirius knew that Draco was not here of his own choosing. Which meant that Severus had brought the boy to the meeting. But there was no way in hell that Draco would come just because Snape wanted him to. Therefore, the kid was here for some reason of his own, just a reason that none of them knew about yet.

Draco’s gaze shifted and met Sirius’ head on. There was a hidden intensity in the younger man’s eyes that Sirius was mildly impressed by. Very subtlety, Draco tipped his head toward the door.

After considering it, Sirius nodded slightly. He wanted to know what was going on.

“Perhaps, it would be a better idea for me to wait outside while you deliberate?” The fact that it was Draco who had spoken was what brought the rest of them to a surprised halt.

“Yes, my boy, that would be a reasonable idea. Who would be willing to go with Mr. Malfoy?” Albus asked, with such a pleasant voice, you would think he was asking someone to tea.

“He can go on his own Albus. He doesn’t need a babysitter.” Minerva couldn’t help but bristle. This was just as much Draco’s home as it was hers and Aiden’s. It irked her that they thought her boy had to have someone watching him because he wasn’t trustworthy.

While Minerva’s conviction distracted them, Draco took the moment to slip out the door.

The conversation about him resumed and a few minutes later, Sirius took the opportunity to get out of there as well. Remus caught his eye as he was leaving and the darker haired man mouthed, ‘bathroom’. Remus rolled his eyes disapprovingly.

Sirius walked down the hall, trying to see where Draco was since the boy wasn’t outside the room like he’d said he would be. Not that Sirius was surprised. He ended up back in the entry and tried to think where he’d gone. What was that house elve’s name that showed them in?


There was a pop and the small house elf was standing in front of Sirius. “Yessir, how can Blinkley be assistings you sirs?”

“Where did Draco Malfoy go?”

“Master Draco is in the stables, where he always is.”

Master Draco? Interesting. “Thank you Blinkley.”

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