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03 March 2011 @ 07:08 pm
coming home, prologue  
Title: Coming Home
Author: xxCabalinaxx
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: slash, mpreg,
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters do not belong to me.
Main Paring: Sirius/Draco
Summary: AU after 5th year (ie Sirius never died). When Draco Malfoy is to be involved in Voldemorts latest plan, he fears for his life and the only one he can turn to for help is Sirius Black.
Author’s Note: Just like with Something Worth Fighting For, I've created a site with images of the horses and whatever other things come up that I think are better with visual aides. The link can be found HERE




Draco Malfoy leant back in the high backed chair as much as he could, trying to make himself comfortable. The hard wooden frame was not very forgiving. The newly turned seventeen year old balanced his forearms on the wings of the chair, lifted his legs, and rest his heels on the desk top, crossing his ankles. Bored, he plucked a quill out of its holder and twirled it around in his fingers. Being stuck in McGonagall's office on a Saturday morning was not his idea of fun.

Draco's black leather knee high boots gleamed under the light emitting from the torches and chandelier hanging above him. His tan riding breeches clung to him like a second skin as he bent one of his legs, the ball of his foot flat on the table.

He hadn’t been surprised when a second year student had cautiously approached him with a note crumpled in his hand an hour earlier. Draco had snatched the note and read it swiftly before sneering at the young messenger and stalking off toward the upper level office.

He looked up at the entry as the heavy wooden door creaked open. Minerva McGonagall walked through the doorway, her chin up and with a stern look on her face. Seeing Draco lounging in her chair with his feet on her desk, she raised an eye brow at him.

Smirking, he swung his feet down and pushed himself up. His grown out hair was pulled back into a low ponytail, the blonde locks falling to the top of his shoulders. Straightening up, he looked McGonagall in the eye, his confidence swirling in the air around him. But, McGonagall was both taller than him, and had been around much longer than he had, and Draco backed down with a scowl within a matter of seconds.

The transfiguration professor swept by her student, sliding gracefully into her seat, her skirts settling around her. She gave him an amused smile. "Not going to happen; it was a nice try though, Draco."

The Slytherin chuckled lightly and hopped up onto the student desk closest to McGonagall's. "Practice makes perfect," he quipped back.

Minerva nodded. "This is true." She eyed her student's apparel. "Going somewhere, Draco? The train is leaving in a few hours."

“Took the kids out for a final hack before they go home. I didn’t get a chance to go back and change into my robes before I got my summons.” Draco stood and spun around on his heel. “You like the boots? An early birthday gift from Severus.”

“I had assumed as much. Your godfather does have a flair for choosing gifts, the few that he does give out.” Her mouth twitched with a smile. Her colleague played his part as a surly pessimist well, but she knew better. He could surprise you at times; especially when it came to the young man before her.

“All right,” she started. “While I’ve got you here, what are the current arrangements for the summer now that the school year is over?” She leant back in the chair and steepled her fingers in front of her. Draco shook his head in amusement. That chair was torture, and she looked totally at home in it. Of course she would, he thought, it’s her chair.

“Cygnet, Aurelia, Samson, Fiona, Pavo, Cole, and Echo are going with you. Severus will transport Roman to Malfoy Manor after.” Draco answered.

“Just Roman, Draco?” She was surprised, and her facial expression and tone showed it. She had expected that only three or four of Draco’s ‘children’ would be coming with her at Tabby Manor. Not that she minded. But, it also concerned her. She knew Draco well enough by now that if he was sending all but one of his herd, then something was up.

He nodded nonchalantly, like it wasn’t a cause for concern. “He’ll be enough to keep me busy. I’d rather that the rest of them were with you and being taken care of. Things are a little, ah, strained at the Manor right now.”

Now she was extremely worried. Even though he wasn’t a member of her house, this was one of her cubs. “Draco, what’s going on?”

Grey eyes were downcast. “I’m not sure. When I know more, I’ll let you know, but at the moment, all I know is that it’s monopolizing all of my father’s time and that’s never a good thing.”

Minerva nodded slowly. She’d accept his answer…for now. “But, you’ll come to me if anything changes?”

Draco put on a brave face, showing her a smile filled with confidence that neither of them felt. “Of course.” He moved around the desk and hugged her tight. “I’ll fire call you once I get there.”

Minerva nodded. She gave him one last smile as he walked though the door, his boots making barely any sound on the stone.

She did not like the ominous feeling that settled in her stomach.


Severus Snape oversaw the final boarding of the Hogwart’s Express with barely concealed disdain. This was not what he wanted to be doing on a Saturday, or on any day for that matter. He stood off to the side, watching students store their luggage and drag trolleys to their proper places while some carried their belongings onto the train and stored them in the overhead compartments.

He let his gaze linger for a few extra moments on one student in particular as Draco lifted his trunk into a slot on the baggage car. From his angle, Snape thought the trunk looked larger than Draco himself at the moment. He was surrounded by his friends, but today there was no laughter among them; no smirks or scathing remarks about idiot Gruffindors or too-nice-for-their-own-good Hufflepuffs or nerdy know-it-all Ravenclaws. Nothing.

Draco said not a word to his friends and boarded the train in silence. Snape watched through the windows of the train as his godson walked down to a compartment that was out of his sight. Severus frowned, but looked back at the rest of the students under his watch. He would talk with Draco later on. That, he was certain of.

The warning whistle blew and the engine roared and started to come to life. The last few students scurried about, jumping up the steps and running to find their friends. Severus checked over things with a final glance before boarding the vessel himself and making his way to the compartment reserved for professors.

The only person inside when he arrived was Minerva. He gave her a nod and sat down on the bench opposite her. She gave him an appraising look. “I suppose you’ve noticed it as well?” she asked.

“Draco? Yes, how can I not.” He muttered darkly.

“I tried to get something out of him, but I had no luck.” Minerva didn’t try to hide the worry that lingered in her voice. She was quiet, almost too quiet, before asking, “Severus, is he going to take the mark?”

The potions master’s words were cautious, hesitant. Something that no one could claim the Potions master to be. “That, I do not know the answer to. There is much unrest in his ranks, and there have been a few mentions of something involving Draco. I am still trying to gather more information.”

Minerva nodded. Whatever she had been about to say, her moment was interrupted as the compartment door slid open and a few more of the staff trickled in. She quickly shot Severus a look. They would talk more later.


Hours later when she was finally home at Tabby Manor, Minerva was walking quietly through the large stables that was not far from the manor itself. Now that school was out, horses filled the boxes again, filling the air with the familiar smells and noises.

Few people knew that the Transfiguration professor and the Slytherin prefect met multiple times a week on a regular basis and had a very close relationship.

It had started in Draco’s second year when he returned home from the winter holiday with a glamour charm covering most of his face. During a night of detention, the charm faded, unknown to Draco, and Minerva had seen the bruise covering the right side of Draco’s face. After that, she started keeping tabs on the young pureblood.

At first he resented the intrusions. Always ready with a scathing remark, he trusted the older Gryffindor matriarch about as much as his father liked Arthur Weasley. Eventually though, he began to wear down and bit by bit opened up to the woman.

Minerva McGonagall had lost her own son almost twenty years ago to Voldemort during his first era of terror. She knew there was nothing that she could have done to prevent Dorian’s death. He had been just as stubborn as his mother, and despite her pleas for him not to, he had joined the ranks of the Aurors. He’d been hit with a rogue spell and passed away before Minerva had a chance to see him.

She saw the same fire in Draco, albeit a bit muted at the time, that her own boy had possessed. And, once she saw it, she knew that she had to do something to help Draco Malfoy. Once she started something, she had to finish it. It was her persistence and genuine concern that finally brought the boy around and he began giving up more pieces of information.

A large slender grey gelding thrust his head over the stall door suddenly, a mouthful of hay dangling from his mouth as he chewed contentedly. His dark fuzzy ears swiveled randomly and he looked back and forth, up and down the stable aisle watching his barn mates. Swallowing the dry stalks, he snorted and let out a deep rumbling neigh. Minerva moved to his head and rest her palm on his neck. Her fingers pressed lightly against his coat, appreciating the softness that was a result of Draco’s meticulous care. “Easy, Pavo. He’ll be home soon.”

Pavo’s next door neighbor poked her head out after hearing Minerva’s voice. The mare’s nostrils flared dramatically and she lifted her upper lip. The grey Percheron mare stretched toward Minerva and the older woman obliged with a tired smile. “Yes, Fiona. We all miss our little snake. I am the last one you need to be reminding.”

Hearing Pavo’s call, the rest of the horses all one by one poked their heads out over their dutch doors, checking to see if there was anything interesting that would warrant their attention. Seeing nothing, a couple pulled back into their stalls. A few stretched their necks out to try and touch noses, but none could quite reach. A design detail that was on purpose.

Minerva looked in one last time on each of the horses before closing the heavy stable doors behind her. They all had hay to snack on and filled water buckets and clean stalls to rest in. As she walked the short distance from the stable to the house, she looked up at the sky desperately wishing that Draco’s owl would appear with some sort of news.
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