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27 February 2011 @ 12:07 pm
something worth fighting for, chapter three  
Title: Something Worth Fighting For
Author: xxCabalinaxx
Rating: T (Teen)
Warnings: Slash, mpreg (past/present/future)
Summary: Harry is invited to Hogwarts for his ten year reunion. Everyone finds out what has been going on since he left England, and that he married a certain someone named Draco Malfoy.

Author’s Note: Feb, 1, 2011. So for those of you new to this fic, thank you for reading :) For those of you who have been waiting patiently for me to update this fic, I thank you all for being patient with me. And it is because of you guys that this chapter has been written. And with a new chapter, comes a total revamp and overhaul of this fic, so while the basics of this fic are still the same, I would advise you to go back and start reading from the beginning again. Also, if you guys are interested, I have created a website with images and extra tidbits of information about the horses and other animals that may pop up. I always like having a picture or visual to put with a description, so in case any of you are like me, the link to the site can be found here

Chapter Three

Draco sat on the grass at the edge of the Quidditch pitch, propped against the tall concrete stands, watching his children run around and play. He smiled as James tagged Jeremy on the shoulder and Jeremy chased after him slowly, giving his younger brother a head start. Alexis squealed when Jeremy suddenly veered off from chasing James and took off after her. Alexis turned and ran in the other direction, laughing all the way. All the while, Misa ran circles among them, squealing and neighing and kicking up her heels in babyish exuberance.

Draco sighed and settled more comfortably against the cold stone. He had excused himself from the hall shortly after Harry had called him out at the table. It was nothing short of a miracle that Jamie had woken up saying he had to go to the bathroom, seconds after Harry had made that lovely announcement that Draco only had milk when he was pregnant. He’d woken Misa, and taken his two youngest children out to the pitch to play with his older three. Yes, at this point, after all they’d been through to keep her alive, Misa was one of his children. Hell, all of their horses were a part of the family in some way. When you spent multiple hours a day with someone, or something, it was inevitable that you would develop a bond.

He’d come out and sat with Remus for a few minutes, talking about things that had happened since the last time he and the rest of their unofficial family had come ti visit them in chilly upstate New York. It was during their chat that Sirius and Severus had come out to join them. After giving Draco a massive hug and playfully scolding him for not telling him about Potter Baby #5, he shifted into Padfoot and went to join the epic game of tag that had formed.

Draco laughed as James took a tumble and crashed into Padfoot and the two of them sprawled on the grass. When Padfoot stood, James was straddling the big dog that was almost three times the size of Misa and they went after Alexis. He lifted one hand regally to push his shoulder length hair back so it wasn't in his face. He rested his other hand on his abdomen, where, sure enough, there was a small bump. Sighing again, Draco looked up as a shadow fell over him.

He looked up at the face he had grown to love so much over the past decade and nearly started crying when he saw the look on Harry's face. "Don't," he whispered. "Don't look at me like that." Severus and Remus quietly slipped away  to help keep the children occupied while Harry and Draco talked. Knowing the couple’s history, they knew this conversation wasn’t going to be an easy one. Of course, Severus only joined in on the fun after casting a notice-me-not charm. He would be beyond mortified if anyone but his family saw him playing childish games and catering to the whim of the Potter children.

Harry sat down in front of Draco. He crossed his legs so he sat Indian style and angled his body so he could keep an eye on his children and talk to his husband as well. "Sweetheart, why didn't you tell me you were pregnant again?" He reached forward and took Draco's pale hands in his own larger, rougher ones. It still amazed him. He and Draco did the same amount of manual labor at home, rode the same number of hours, mucked the same stalls, but Draco always looked like he juts got home from a spa.

Draco looked down at their entwined hands. He shrugged, but said nothing. There were so many things going through his head and he just couldn’t pick one thing to say first.

"Draco, does this have anything to do with James?" asked Harry.

Draco's head shot up so fast he wondered at how he hadn't gotten whiplash. He stared at Harry with solemn grey eyes. He drew in a shaky breath and tried to keep calm in hopes that his heart, which had started pounding when Harry sat down, would revery back to it’s normal rhythm. “No.”

Harry scooted a few inches closer on the ground. “Draco,” he said softly.

Draco exhaled and his shoulders dropped. “Of course this has to do with James, Harry.”

A memory of a few years ago flashed before both of their eyes and now it was Harry’s turn for his breathing to become shaky. “That-” he had to pause to clear his throat. “That won’t happen again. He’s gone. Things are different now.” There was a hard, determined glint to Harry’s gaze that Draco immediately took note of.

Draco nodded and reached forward to run his fingers through Harry’s hair, a soothing, familiar gesture. “I know they are, love. I know.” Draco tried to smile easily at him, and he hoped Harry couldn’t see that it was a little bit forced. “I am sorry that I didn’t tell you right away. I almost didn’t believe it after the signs started again. I had to wait it out and be sure.”

Harry ran his thumb over Draco’s knuckles. “It’s fine. I know now.”

The life started to come back into Harry’s face after the dark flashback and Draco eyed his husband warily at the glint that entered his green eyes. “What?”

Harry shook his head and laughed. “Nothing. I just find it damn funny that the way we can always tell if you’re pregnant or not is if you start drinking milk. I mean really, of all the symptoms.”

Draco groaned. “Ugh, it’s awful. You know how much I hate, hate milk.”

Harry stood and brushed off his jeans before reaching down and pulling Draco to his feet as well. “So, shall we go tell the rest of the brood the good news?”

Draco nodded and tucked himself under Harry’s arm as they started walking. The games and mayhem had gradually migrated to the far end of the field.

It was James who spotted the pair first and he scrambled away from where the four children had Snuffles pinned, and ran as fast as his little legs could carry him.

Harry picked the little boy up and tossed him into the air before catching him and settling James on his hip.

Draco smoothed back James’ hair from his forehead. Jake and Jeremy were the perfect blend of both he and Harry: rich brown hair, and hazel eyes. Alexis was more like Harry every day with her thick curls of brown so dark it was as close to black as it could be and bright green eyes like her grandmother. But James was a little clone of Draco, from his little nose to his light hair to the signature Malfoy grey eyes.

Sirius had managed to transform back into his human self and was ambling over to Harry and Draco as best he could considering he still had both of the twins hanging off of him. Alexis followed half a step behind, dragging Severus with her.

Harry grinned at the sight. “Alright, we have an announcement to make.”

Alexis gazed up at her father suspiciously. “Is it a good ‘nouncement or a bad one?”

Sirius and Draco burst out laughing at her tenacity. Severus’ lips quirked up and Harry chuckled. “It’s a good one Princess. A really, really, really good one.”

Jake and Keremy looked up wide-eyed at Harry and said in perfect unison, "Woah, you used a 'triple really'. This must be good."

Everyone laughed. "Yes Jake, this is really good." Harry took a breath and looked at Draco who smiled brightly back at him. "How would you guys like to have another baby sister or brother?"