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27 February 2011 @ 12:03 pm
something worth fighting for, chapter two  
Title: Something Worth Fighting For
Author: xxCabalinaxx
Rating: T (Teen)
Warnings: Slash, mpreg (past/present/future)
Summary: Harry is invited to Hogwarts for his ten year reunion. Everyone finds out what has been going on since he left England, and that he married a certain someone named Draco Malfoy.

Author’s Note: Feb, 1, 2011. So for those of you new to this fic, thank you for reading :) For those of you who have been waiting patiently for me to update this fic, I thank you all for being patient with me. And it is because of you guys that this chapter has been written. And with a new chapter, comes a total revamp and overhaul of this fic, so while the basics of this fic are still the same, I would advise you to go back and start reading from the beginning again. Also, if you guys are interested, I have created a website with images and extra tidbits of information about the horses and other animals that may pop up. I always like having a picture or visual to put with a description, so in case any of you are like me, the link to the site can be found here

Chapter Two
Everyone was silent. No one spoke. No one moved. Nothing.

Draco watched as many expressions flitted over the faces of his husband's friends. He looked worriedly over at Harry. He knew that they had kept their marriage a secret for so many years because of the Death Eaters that had yet to be captured. And he knew Harry had dreaded telling the friends he left behind in England.

Harry turned to look at his husband and smiled tentatively at him. He had been dying to tell his Gryffindor friends for so long, but now that he had he wasn't so sure it was the right choice. Harry felt his little girl lower her head to his shoulder and he gently kissed the top of her hair, breathing in the smell of her cherry almond shampoo that she had been so adamant about getting.

Neville was the first one to recover from the shock.

He stood up and walked over to where Harry was standing with Draco and their two children. The Herbology professor stuck out his hand to Draco and clearly said, "Neville Longbottom. Nice to meet you, Mr Potter."

Draco grinned and reached out to grasp Neville's hand. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Mr Longbottom."

"Please, call me Neville."

"Then I must insist that you call me Draco as well."

Neville laughed a bit and pulled Draco into an awkward hug, taking care not to squish the little boy. Neville leant in a bit closer to whisper in Draco's ear, "He deserves to be happy. If you're the one to give him that, then I'm not going to try to interfere."

As Neville pulled back, Draco stared him in the eye and mouthed a silent 'thank you'. Neville nodded and motioned for the Potters to sit at the table with the rest of their friends.

Harry and Draco sat down with their two children next to Dean, Harry on the inside and Draco perched on the end of the bench. The little girl in Harry's arms looked curiously around at all the people staring at them. "Daddy, who are they?"

Hermione snapped out of her daze when the child who was so obviously Harry's little girl spoke up. She smiled gently at the girl. "My name's Hermione. I went to school with your Daddy and your Papa."

"Her-my-knee?" She looked up as Harry for help. He nodded and smiled at her.

She looked back to Hermione. "I'm Alexis. I'm six. That's my brudder James. He's three. I have two other brothers. Their names are Jake and Jeremy. They're ten."

"Twins?" That was Ron. He now had a nauseous look on his face, as if the though the thought of Harry and Draco having children and being together was making him ill.

Alexis nodded. "MmmHmm. Who are you?

"Er, I'm Ron. I'm Hermione's husband. I went to school with your dad."

"Did you go to school with Papa too?"

"Um, sure. But we were in different houses. We didn't get along that great."

Alexis nodded and reached out for a roll that was on a platter in front of Harry's plate. She nibbled on it a bit before launching back into the conversation. "Did all of you go to school with Daddy and Papa?"

Dean decided to have his input. "Yup. Neville, Ron, Seamus, Hermione and I were in Gryffindor with Harry. Malfoy was in Slytherin. And Neville's wife Luna was in Ravenclaw."

Alexis nodded. "Oh."

Harry smoothed Alexis's thick brown hair down and kissed the top of her head. He turned to look at Draco and James. "So what prompted you to come? You were so adamant about not coming."

"I had always planned on coming, love. It was supposed to be a surprise. The kids knew about it. I'm surprised one of them didn't let it slip." Draco laughed lightly and took a sip of his drink.

James reached out for Draco's glass. "Firsty Papa." Small fingers grasped the glass only to have it pulled away.

"No, baby. Not for you." Draco placed the glass just out of James's reach on the table and conjured a sippy cup full of juice. "Here, baby. You can have this one."

James happily took the cup and started drinking greedily. Draco smiled at his youngest child and settled him more comfortably in his lap.

"Where are Jake and Jeremy?"

"They were downstairs in Severus's quarters when I came up with Lexi and Jamie. They were supposed to be in time-out, but I believe they were watching you fall on your arse at Aachen," Draco answered with a snicker.

"Aww, geez Draco. Did you have to bring that one with you?" Harry groaned. His oldest children thought the tape of his ride at the World Equestrian Games in 2006 was extremely funny and were always dying to watch it whenever they could.

"Of course I did." Draco smirked at Harry, mirth dancing in his eyes.

"What's Aachen?" Hermione asked.

"In 2006 the World Equestrian Games were held in Aachen, Germany. Harry competed in the show jumping division and going over the last line, his horse threw a bitch fit. We'll just say that Harry really liked brown that day," Draco answered. He shook his head and ate a bit of the food in front of him as he remembered that day.

"In English please?"

"It means," Harry interjected, when he saw Draco start to embellish, "that my horse got spooked and started rearing. I fell off and landed in the dirt."

"Hard," Draco added.

Alexis and James laughed. They had heard their Daddy and their Papa argue about this many times. It was still amusing to them.

"It wasn't that bad."

"Yes, Harry, it was."


Draco smirked victoriously.

Draco suddenly noticed an odd scent drifting through the air. He turned his head toward where the smell seemed to be coming from. He sniffed delicately, trying to decipher what it was. With a frown Draco stood and slid James onto the bench next to Harry. Automatically, Harry wrapped his arm around James to keep him steady.

Draco walked away from the table, seemingly following something. He stopped and looked around again, looking for some sort of sign. He started walking again, this time at a slower pace, making no noise or sounds. Draco paused for a second, then reached out into the air.

By now everyone in the Hall was staring at the man, wondering what he was doing.

Harry watched his husband search for an invisible item, having a good idea what was going on.

Alexis and James looked at each other, then at their Daddy, and then at their Papa, giggling like mad. They clearly knew exactly what was happening and did not plan on letting Papa or Daddy in on the surprise; if it could be called that.

Draco left his hand hang in midair for a split second. He deftly snatched something out of the air and pulled. He stepped back and bundled up a very recognizable cloak, revealing two young boys. It was sheer luck that Draco unknowingly let go of the cloak and it fell exactly where it did, covering up the third being under the cloak and becoming undetectable once more.

The two boys stared at Draco with wide emerald green eyes. They both peered at the taller man through shaggy dark brown hair, eyes slightly downcast.

Draco glared agitated at the two boys. He gazed at them unblinkingly for a minute or so before his face broke out into a smile. Damn his children. It was impossible to stay mad for very long.

The boys beamed at Draco and rushed forward into his outstretched arms. Skinny arms wound their way around the blond and faces were buried into a soft silk shirt. "Hey," Draco whispered into their hair.

"Hi," they both whispered back.

Draco pulled away and smiled softly at his two oldest children. He took one of their hands in each of his and walked with back to the table. The twins clambered onto the bench after Draco sat down. One sat in between Harry and Draco. The other squeezed in on Harry's other side, shoving Dean down a few feet.

Harry released James back into Draco’s arms and let go of Lexi briefly as he wrapped an arm around each of the twins. He pulled them close to his side and kissed them both on the forehead. "I missed you guys."

"We missed you too," they said in unison.

Harry gave the boys one last squeeze before releasing them. He looked up at his friends. "Guys, I'd like you to meet my two oldest kids, Jake and Jeremy."

"Umm, Harry, not to be rude, but which one is which?" Ron asked. His curiosity was getting the better of him. He wanted to know what was going on and how the hell Harry ended up creating four kids with the ferret of all people.

"Jake is here on my right, and Jeremy is on my left. If you want to remember the easy way to separate them, Jake always wears blue and Jeremy wears green; hence the shirts."

Sure enough, Jake had on a dark Ravenclaw blue pinstripe shirt, while Jeremy wore a Slytherin green dress shirt.

That was the only way to tell the two boys apart. They both had the same build and looks, right down to the freckle on the inside of their right wrist. Harry and Draco had searched all over their tiny bodies after they were born, trying to find something that would help them be able to tell their sons apart. Eventually they have up and settled for dressing them in different colours. Not even the Weasley twins looked as identical as Jake and Jeremy did.

Jake and Jeremy immediately dug into the food on Harry's plate, despite the protests of their father. After he realized that he wasn't going to get any of the food he had started out with he grabbed his fork and picked off of Draco's plate.

Draco slapped Harry's hand away and glared halfheartedly at him. Harry humphed and watched as everyone at the table ate except him.

"Here, Daddy." Alexis held a piece of carrot up to his face.

He took it and popped it into his mouth. "Thank you Lexi." It took him a moment to realize that the heap of carrots on Alexis's plate was disappearing much faster than she could eat them.

He listened for a moment before bending over and peering under the table. "Jake! Jeremy!"

The twins glanced at each other behind their father's back and gulped. "Yes, Dad?

Harry was fighting to keep his cool. "Boys, why is Misa under the table?"

Draco caught the end of Harry's question and looked at Jake and Jeremy in surprise. "What are you talking about? Misa is -" he paused to glance down below, "under the table."

The grey-eyed man looked at Harry. "How the hell did she get here? I left her with the rest of the dummies at Malfoy Manor when we arrived."

"Why did you bring them? We're only going to be here a day or two at most."

Draco shifted in his seat. "I thought that maybe we would stay for a bit longer, turn it into a vacation. We haven't had one in a while. Every time we go away it's to a horse show or to look at a prospective buy."

Harry nodded and lured Misa out from under the table by having her walk underneath the bench.

Dean turned around to see this 'Misa' creature. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw that 'Misa' was a horse. "Damn! That is one tiny pony."

The creature in question looked up at Dean. She gazed at him solemnly with large brown eyes. She turned her little head and pranced over to Draco who was holding a piece of cut up apple that James had been eating.

While Misa munched on her treat, Hermione got up from her seat and came to the other side of the table to inspect the tiny horse. "Oh, she's not a pony, she's a horse," she stated decisively.

"Hermione, aren't horses a bit bigger?" Ron asked. He was standing in his seat looking over the table.

"Yes, they are. But Minature horses are built like a horse, just smaller. Ponies are fat and stocky while horses are slimmer. Miniature horses are measured by height, not build."

"How do you know so much? You've never been interested in horses before, Hermione," Harry asked.

"Bill and Fleur's daughter Elise has a book of horse breeds that she absolutely adores. Every time she comes to visit she asks me to read it. I've learned as we go along."

The tiny equine was a dark chocolate brown color with a white patch on her left shoulder, a larger one on her rump that blended in with her tail, and four white feet with the white continuing up her legs partway. She was wearing a small halter that was, at the moment, grasped in Draco's fingers.

The blond man scratched lightly under the filly’s chin and her little eyes closed with pleasure. He  looked sternly at his boys. “Jacob. Jeremy. You will be on muck duty for the next three days. No arguments.”

The twins nodded. “It was Jake’s idea!”

“Nuh uh! You’re the one who said we should hide her under Dad’s cloak!”

A throat cleared from behind the group and heads swung around immediately.  Remus Lupin stood there, looking much better than he had the last time he’d taught at the school, an easy, warm smile on his face.

“Uncle Moony!”

Alexis nearly kicked Harry in the head as she scrambled over his shoulder in an attempt to get to Remus. She leant forward precariously over Harry and reached out. Thankfully Remus grabbed her before she fell face first on the floor. Draco’s heart stopped beating for a moment and his eyes widened in horror. When Remus had Lexi securely and Draco could breathe again he fussed over Jamie, grabbing a cloth and started to clean up the juice that he had spilled down his front and on the table.

Jake and Jeremy were slightly more civilized in scrambling to see the werewolf. Remus managed to hug them all at once and smiled at James who was perfectly content in Draco’s arms. The little boy waved sleepily and leant against his Papa’s shoulder as soon as Draco was done cleaning.

Remus waved back. “I hope everyone’s trip went well. Yes?” The three little Potter’s nodded and all started to tell Remus about their trip. All at the same time.

Remus held up his hands. “Hold on, hold on. One at a time, you know better.” The children quieted down. “Now, how about we ask your Daddy and your Papa if we can all go down to the quidditch pitch for a while?”

Three heads nodded eagerly and turned the puppy dog eyes on their parents. Harry nodded in amusement. “All right, we’ll be out later on. Don’t give Moony a hard time.”

Remus waved a farewell to the group of his former students and started to usher Jake, Jeremy, and Alexis outside. Their progress was halted for a moment when Jake turned back to look at them. “What about the baby?”

Everyone else looked at Jamie, who had finally fallen asleep. Draco and Harry, though,  both looked down at Misa. The yearling filly had moved back under the table and lay down on the stone floor, half of her body resting on the invisibility cloak, which could now be seen now that it wasn’t covering anything; her head resting againt Harry’s calves. She was sound asleep. “We’ll keep her here with us, bud. It’s been a big day for her.”

Jake nodded and with that, they were gone.

Draco turned to Harry and smiled. "They are so your sons."

Harry laughed. "I know. What I want to figure out is how they got a hold of my cloak. I thought we’d locked that away somewhere." He shook his head and grabbed his water glass.

Hermione had glanced back and forth between the horse and the family before her ever since the cloak had come off. It was one thing to read about something, it was another thing to see it in person. “She’s like a big dog. Not all horses are like that are they?”

Harry laughed and shook his head. “No, not at all. But Misa’s special. She might as well be a dog; we’ve hand raised her since the day after she was born.”

Out of habit, Draco took over when his husband stopped speaking. “Her mother didn’t make it after giving birth and a friend of ours in New York gave us a call and Harry went over and picked her up.”

“She had to be fed every couple of hours in the beginning so we kept her in the house with us. She was so tiny. That was a year ago, and she’s still in the house” Harry finished with a laugh.

What they didn’t say was how Misa had been born almost a month and a half prematurely and that she’d had a twin sister that didn’t make it. They didn’t say how during those first few days they could barely get Misa to eat and it was only because she ended up bonding with Draco instantly that he was finally able to get her to accept a bottle. Just because they didn’t say any of that, didn’t mean that Harry and Draco weren’t thinking about it as they told the edited version of the tale.

Thankfully, they managed to keep the emotional stress out of their voices and the conversation continued around them. Gradually, everyone seemed to accept Draco into their fold and things became more relaxed.

Harry laughed at something Seamus said and glanced over at Draco who was smiling and hiding it behind the glass he was drinking from.

Harry coughed and choked on the pumpkin juice he had just taken a sip of. He stared wide-eyed at Draco who was continuing to eat and talk and hold a still sleeping James against his chest.


"Yes, Harry?"

"Are you drinking milk?"

Hermione asked, "What's the matter, Harry?"

Draco froze.

"Nothing's the matter. But Draco's drinking milk."

"So? I drink milk all the time. What's the matter with that."

"Draco hates milk."

"So if he hates it why would he be drinking it now?"

Draco still hadn't moved.

"Because the only time Draco drinks milk is when he's pregnant."